Go Girl Inspire
Go Girl Inspire
Get Off Your Booty And Get Motivated NOW
by Noell
Time to get off your booty ladies and get motivated? What are your goals and dreams that you are trying to achieve?


The Time Has Come to Make It Happen

Have you made several lists...never follow through.

You have goals...but procrastinate.

This article will put a charge in you and your motivation!

Positive Attitude & Energy

When do you feel you procrastinate the most? When we are in bad mood right?

It may sound really simple, but when we a have positive attitude and are optimistic you achieve.

Sometimes even surpass what your expectations were from the start.

Monitor your progress as that will help even when you aren't feeling very optimistic. Baby steps and small wins are reaching you closer to your goals.


Research and studies show that as humans that the most significant factor of predicting dedication, passion and satisfaction toward work is rewards. 75 percent of personal motivation toward accomplishment is rewards! That is a huge percentage!

I know this may sound like a funny analogy, but think how you simply train a dog. All about rewards! Do the same for yourself! Give yourself landmark rewards for completing tasks. It doesn't even have to be anything big.

Maybe it's a favorite blouse you saw at the store, lipstick you had your eye on or treat yourself to a day at the spa!
The rewards will keep you motivated and want to continue achieving. 

Surround Yourself With Achievers

We all think a little peer pressure can be all bad. Not necessarily especially if you surround yourself with individuals who set a plan, go after their goals and achieve. The conversations, the passion, the desire will for sure rub off on you and make you want to do the same.

Think about if you joined a group of women who were wanting to lose weight and someone starts losing weight, sharing their tips and what they are doing, then another woman starts to lose. It's inspiring and a domino affect on all within that group.

Research shows time and time again, you develop health habits and career aspirations from those you surround yourself with.

Isn't it motivating and feels really good to be around ,not only someone who is positive ,but also achieving their goals ? 
Doing what it takes to make it happen? 


"In fact,  eight out of ten people, self-image matters more in how they rate their job performance than does their actual job performance", says Gribble 2000.

Working on YOU and your self-esteem and self care is key. What do you enjoy doing that relaxes you? What makes you feel like you can take on the world?

Where is your self-esteem at today? Could it use a little polishing or a lot?

Maybe it's getting into the gym so you feel better about your body and within that it will uplift your mind. Or is it working with a therapist to figure out how you can resolve some issues from past and get yourself to a healthier mindset.

Self esteem is essential! I personally think it is THE main foundation to really start to get into a motivated place in your life ,where you will follow through and not give up!
Go Girl Go

What is your goals and dreams? What motivates you? Why not start now?

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